Authentic Obsessions

Living a creative life can be complicated and beautiful and terrifying and messy. But you are not alone.

I started this podcast because I needed to hear what drives artists to show up and keep doing the work despite the fears and failures and obstacles. 

These are candid conversations.

In between the laughter and the aha moments we talk about obsessions, vulnerability, studio spaces and communities. I hope you hear something that resonates with you and that you continue to be inspired to create.

Acknowledge the mess and keep going!

Authentic Obsessions

Recent Episodes

June 21, 2022

Robin Davisson - Material Surprises

Robin shares her life changing week at The Penland School, the importance of doing experiments to get to the truth, and the exhilaration of discovery and curiosity. Robin's lyrical, process-driven work is rooted in eclectic curiosity and the material surprises she discovers working with her finely developed visual vocabulary. “In both in science and art, if you follow the data, it leads to the truth. In the laboratory, the most successful experiments are those in which all the variables except one are held constant. In the studio, the most successful paintings are those in which I put several variables into play and change them at once.”

June 07, 2022

Lea Ann Slotkin - Nature & Color

Lea Ann creates bold and colorful mixed media paintings and collages. Lea Ann focuses on the background layers, which gives her work a lot of energy and visual excitement and leaves little hints of magic peeking through to leave space for wonder and reflection about one's own story. As a creative coach, she helps artists uncover limiting beliefs and discover a path to a successful creative life and business. During our conversation we talk about nature, boundaries around our time, and how putting some structure in your week can be pretty freeing.

Thank you so much for listening!