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A favorite podcast

I am a podcast junkie and this one of my favorites. Margaret is an excellent interviewer and gracious host. Recommend to all artists and passionate creatives.

So inspiring 💗

I just discovered this podcast and I absolutely love it! It is so inspiring and encouraging! It reminds me that creating art is truly tending to my soul!

So motivating

I have started my own creative practice and this podcast keeps me motivated and focused on creating art.

Interesting and inspiring

Listened to the episode featuring Gill Edwards. Very well done interview that left me feeling positive and inspired.

Pure Genius

I have come to identify myself as an artist later than many, I think. I’m 51 and have always secretly yearned for more creativity. Finally, I am doing a deep dive into my art practice. But it’s scary and feels daunting in addition to being not well supported by our colonial, capitalist, patriarchal society. This podcast is resonating with me in every episode and bolstering my courage to continue showing up for myself. The conversations, the questions that Margaret is asking each artist, the wholistic coverage of various aspects of being an artist and running a business and handling social media- all reflect what I am thinking and questioning and struggling and striving for. It is such a gift that I stumbled on this.


You ask extremely insightful questions and you let your guest ANSWER them without interrupting! Thank you!!!

Great for artists

I love this podcast. As with many artists, we spend a lot of time in isolation working. These are my people. I love hearing the journey of others artists and what drives them, how they think, and what they focus on. Margret Petrie is the perfect host and interviewer (a wonderful artist herself and nature lover) to gather bits of information to make a person’s whole person come to light. Thank you for giving us this.

Thought-provoking and fun!

I look forward to Margret’s podcast - it’s always a gift! Her succinct interview style keeps the podcast going and she uncovers so much wonderful stuff in each episode! HIGHLY recommend!!

Excellent Art Interviews!

I have been listening to art podcasts from all over the world. They keep me company when I am in my studio, especially in these pandemic times. Now I am thrilled to have discovered Authentic Obsessions. A local Milwaukee based artist, Margret Petrie is the kind of person we would all love to invite to a cup of tea and an art discussion. I applaud the skillful and sympathetic way in which she draws out her guests. Bravo. Keep it up. We are listening!

Fun podcast

It’s like listening to your neighbors chat, if your neighbors were working artists. Down-to-earth Midwestern attitude mixed with inspiration that knows no geographic boundaries. A fun podcast.

Thanks for uncovering my obsessions!

Margret is such a fun person to talk with. Everyone should get to spend an hour or two talking with her. I hope you make tons of these Authentic Obsessions podcasts!!

It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had!

I’d like to say - being interviewed my Margret was such a fantastic experience for me personally. After what may go on record as being the worst spring of late, this experience lifted my artistic spirit to an entirely new level. I had so many “ah ha” moments while speaking with Margret. She is great to listen to, asks intelligent questions. She completely killed it. My only regret?? That I can’t be on every week!

This is the most fun I’ve had on a month!

Paula’s closing words “This is the most fun I’ve had in a month” is how I felt listening to the Authentic Obsessions podcast. Thank you Margret for bringing curiosity, creativity and authentic community into the world.