April 20, 2021

Amy Maricle - Patterns in Nature

Amy Maricle - Patterns in Nature

Amy Maricle is inspired by the connections between nature and art and adores patterns, paint, paper cutting, and putting it all together in art journals. Her training as an art therapist taught her the importance of focusing on process over product, and how to use mindfulness to tune into the moment through art. She weaves these techniques together to help her and her students have a rich and playful art practice that is both satisfying, and full of imperfect beauty. As you listen to our conversation, see if you can give yourself permission to let nature ground you and feed your art practice.


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  1. Tuning in to the body is such a wonderful way of arriving in the moment and art is a tremendous opportunity to arrive in the moment using our senses.
  2. The more you focus on the process, the more the product improves. And the more you get into the richness of your own work you judge yourself less and have more fun.
  3. Allow yourself time to indulge your curiosities.
  4. Pause and look deeply at nature as you’re walking.




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