June 22, 2021

Amy Weil - Light

Amy Weil - Light

Amy Weil is a New York artist creating abstract encaustic paintings that parallel the cycles of nature. By spontaneously inscribing, scraping and adding wax, this process allows exploration of landscape on a deeper level. Amy is interested in how time is circular rather than linear. Her paintings allow the viewer to see the past, present and future all at once as each layer reveals the layer before. Her constant search to find beauty and harmony in a chaotic world has always been a motivating factor in her work.


1. It’s ok to do a whole bunch of different things. That’s why we work in series - to do something with all these ideas.

2. Persevere even if you have a lot of anxiety, insecurity and self-doubt. Showing up is such a big part of being an artist.

3. “I allow the painting to take me to where it needs to go. I can never force the idea into the painting.”

4. Just trust the process.

5. Recognize that they are just thoughts and feelings – push through and learn to trick that inner critic.

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