March 16, 2021

Caroline Storie - Supportive Communities & Creativity Chats

Caroline Storie - Supportive Communities & Creativity Chats

Caroline Storie, lover of polka dots and stripes, is a Brit living the Canadian life on Vancouver Island. Caroline makes stitched pictures using textiles and collage, adding phrases and words to create playful and relatable art works. During our conversation Caroline shares her obsession with having thoughtful and reflective chats with other artists about creativity and creating a supportive community. She writes: “If you have the gnawing or the roaring of that ‘thing’ happening inside you, I wish you a way to start your own curious adventure - to see what your thing is trying to be too. It really is worth it and totally possible.”


1. It's looking in and finding out, “what is your special thing?” That's going to be your key to starting the thing you want to do.

2. We all think other people are doing it better and have it sorted and then when you're sharing with these people in groups you find out you're all doing exactly the same. When you know that something like procrastination or perfection is a natural part of the process, you don't put much weight on it. You can recognize it and then it doesn't consume you.  

3. We don’t realize how important the little easy things that we do are, and how much they’re a part of us.

4.  “I’m not a big believer in busy.”

5. Success is when I'm relaxed and comfortable and confident in what I'm doing and that's only when I'm doing what comes from inside. When you look elsewhere that's when it goes wrong.

6. It helps to put words into those feelings that come and take you over, making them more manageable.


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