Nov. 17, 2020

Carrie Chimenti - Decorative Finishes & Pasta!

Carrie Chimenti - Decorative Finishes & Pasta!

How do you get past the self-doubt and remain passionate and engaged? Get ready to be uplifted as Carrie talks about her passion for family, friends, food and travel. Her soul is in her house: her studio, her girls, the kitchen, art, and books. Her full life – which doesn’t come without sacrifice, struggles, and a lot of self-doubt - keeps the magical moments happening.


1. There’s no screaming in art. And there’s no crying in troweling.

2. You can’t give up and give in to self-doubt. Of course there will be self-doubt and tears, but work it out in your head, and then move on.

3. “I put my passion in my suitcase when I travel – trowels and truffles.”

4. Several things teach patience: Italy, and children.

5. Just be good to each other.


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