July 16, 2021

Chelsea Littman - Glass

Chelsea Littman - Glass

Chelsea Littman is trying to make a good impression with her empire of empties. Her sand cast glass bottle shrines are all about filling the void. Chelsea is a hot shop assistant for Polpelka Trenchard Glass and develops her own artwork, which attempts to transform a moment, a snapshot, into an everlasting object that is heavy and tangible and solid instead of lost adrift in the cloud. During our conversation Chelsea talks about the dance that happens while glassblowing, mountain biking, and the collaborative nature of her craft.


1. There are endless possibilities if you’re paying attention to what [the glass] wants.

2. “I will stop underestimating the power of my drive and what I can accomplish.”

3. Stop being so hard on yourself.

4. Mountain biking and glassblowing are both good ways to look hard at yourself and know that there are only certain things you can control.

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