July 20, 2021

Emma Freeman - Nature, Poetry & Buddhist teachings

Emma Freeman - Nature, Poetry & Buddhist teachings

Emma is a queer mixed media artist, teaching artist, and highly sensitive person. She is silly and soulful, tactile and contemplative. Emma reveals her current obsessions with nature, poetry and Buddhist teachings and how they connect to artmaking. From the stillness questions arrive that serve as a jumping off point for her creations. “Can a line of stitches be a poem?” "Can fabric books made slowly and quietly be containers for grief and other emotions?"


1. My art table is my oxygen, my sanctuary, and the place I go to let my breath out.

2. If I can get out of the critical part of my mind and enter the deeper place it feels better in my body and the work feels so much richer.

3. Befriend those difficult emotions. Acknowledge the anxiety.

4. When there isn’t a tool between me and the artmaking, there’s a deeper intimacy and it becomes an intuitive, sensory experience.

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