Oct. 12, 2021

Flavia Testa - Thinking

Flavia Testa - Thinking

Art balls, shadow, light, blood and ants with Flavia Testa!!
In life and in art, Flavia challenges people to wonder, be inquisitive, to find meaning in visual communication. She says that art is a force and a fortress that protects and reveals our lives. Flavia’s signature style is raw, visceral and powerful and layered with emotional and visceral complexity. She often gives her art away – sometimes in the form of art balls, and she is never without paper and a sharpie. Flavia writes “my hope is to have as many people interested in looking at art, appreciating beauty, knowing that everyone has the capacity to be creative no matter what field they work in.”


1. Try to be stronger than your shadows.

2. Give your art away.

3. Tilt your head and looks sideways.

4. Art is a way to always move forward and open yourself up to curiosity.

5. Success is getting to your essence and being willing to have a conversation that is uncomfortable.

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