May 25, 2021

Gill Edwards - Vessel Shapes

Gill Edwards - Vessel Shapes

What do dental scalers, trowels, wooden butter pats, and a toilet brush all have in common? Gill Edwards uses all these tools is her prints and paintings. Along with her obsession with vessel shapes, especially those found in simple elegant vases and rice bowls, Gill is fascinated with shadows, vintage rug patters, European doorways, and Japanese textiles. During our conversation, Gill shares her sketchbook practices and unexpected outcomes that come from working in a series.


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Gill Edwards

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  1. Consider writing your ideas on a giant piece of paper and tacking it up on the wall so they are front and center.
  2. It’s not wrong to be a perfectionist, but it can stop you from progressing.
  3. Dental tools, trowels, wooden butter pats, and a toilet brush all make lovely marks on a canvas!
  4. “I believe that if I love what I’m doing then somebody somewhere will love it too.”




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