June 8, 2021

Jenna Freimuth - Patterns

Jenna Freimuth - Patterns

Jenna Freimuth is an illustrator and designer living in Minneapolis, building surface design patterns, stitching abstract embroideries and drawing to decorate and delight. Listen as we talk about newsletters, object permanence, regal felines with personalities, fantastical curiosity, and serendipitous connections. Jenna is also a co-founder of The Wondermakers Collective with the fabulous textile artist, Mindy Sue Wittock. They combine their artistic aesthetics and stitch layered embroideries, pen-palling them back and forth from MN to WI.


1. The graveyard of ideas that never got finished is where all of the hang ups live.

2. Be open to the opportunity to bring people into your life. You meet the people you need when you need it.

3. Explore the invisibles that come with making work.

4. Navigate your own narrative.

4. Deadlines can help override the overthinking.

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