Sept. 22, 2020

Jennifer Pazienza - Keswick Ridge

Jennifer Pazienza - Keswick Ridge

Jennifer Pazienza is an oil painter living in New Brunswick Canada who uses landscape imagery to explore personal myths and histories, to heal the physic havoc wrought by childhood loss and to celebrate the life she now has. Jenn talks about the poetics of place, the fluidity of time, trampolines and how domestic knowledge was shaped by feminism.


1. Stretching a canvas in the studio is like making a sauce in the kitchen.

2. It’s still challenging to realize there will be another painting after this one.

3. Not every painting is going to be a painting you’re happy with but there’s something in it that may challenge you and move you that gets resolved in the next one.

4. Short bursts of bouncing (on a trampoline!) are very good for the spirits.

5. With a limited palette comes endless possibilities.

6. My painting practice is where I recover from other stuff that’s going on in life.

7. I trust that all the interior landscapes of my life inform how I understand the natural world landscapes around me and what actually winds up on the canvas.

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