April 13, 2021

Jo York - Walking

Jo York - Walking

Jo York is a contemporary artist inspired by the landscape. She explores layers in the landscape and in paint, especially areas where the margins between land, sky, and sea, shift and merge and change. She lives in the UK in North Yorkshire and is obsessed with walking – and not just strolls along the beach or on the footpaths but walking during those weather conditions when the wind and rain and snow and dark gets into your bones and soul.


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  1. Acrylics are dead useful.
  2. Working in a series help keeps the momentum going and gives yourself the time to delve in and get deep into it.
  3. Just calling yourself an artist is quite a big deal.
  4. “When I get really stuck I tidy up the studio and do loads of displacement activities.”
  5. Don’t doubt yourself.
  6. We need to allow people to grow up with a creative outlet and awareness of nature.




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