Jan. 19, 2021

Julie VonDerVellen - Paper & Cooking Shows

Julie VonDerVellen - Paper & Cooking Shows

Julie VonDerVellen is a Professor of design at Carroll College and paper artist who designs and creates paper clothes, shoes, timepieces, school supplies and 2D weavings from 1/8” strips of mulberry paper. Julie talks about the similarities between cooking shows and a studio practice and how they both initiate creative thinking. Her work revolves around investigating the book structure and how we tell stories.


1.     Just keep going. Pursue an idea, learn what doesn’t work and don’t give up along the way.

2.     Ask “what if.”

3.     As long as you activate the creative mind, you'll learn what doesn't work.

4.     It’s ok to just absorb the chaos going on in the world. Witness it and learn from it. You might respond years later, in a way that’s no so immediate.

5.     Showing up to the studio is like working out – it might take a lot of effort to get back, but once you finally show up again you don’t want to let it go.


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