July 9, 2021

Kassandra Palmer - Framing

Kassandra Palmer - Framing

Intuitive, intimately scaled, and imbued with a lighthearted humor, Kassandra Palmer’s work is inspired by melodies from the B-side of human history. Kassandra's drawings are accumulations of
touch that blur the boundaries between nature and human nature. Echoes from stories of love, loss, and forgiveness, these paradoxical pictures are beacons that point simultaneously toward the mundane and the mysterious. Kassandra and I talk about motherhood, intuition, forgiveness and patience, framing (both literal and conceptual), and connection.


1. Our bodies are not machines.

2. Prioritize how things FEEL vs caring about how things LOOK.

3. Sometimes you can have a tricky relationship with things leaving the studio.

4. Language happens so fast, but art happens much more slowly and is open to interpretation.

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