Dec. 8, 2020

Krissy Stewart - Numbers, Diagrams & Shadows

Krissy Stewart - Numbers, Diagrams & Shadows

How do you keep showing up when your insecurities live large? Krissy Stewart forces herself to go to the studio and just sketch or paint and not worry about the results.Get inspired by our conversation as Krissy talks about saying yes, freedom and constraints, cowboy boots, glass tables, and the magic of the Scottish landscape.


1.     Just say yes to more things. Even if you’re scared. A little bit of fear feeds the soul.

2.     Cowboy boots, cinnamon tea and a boogie dance is a great way to start the day.

3.     Just try new material. No one is going to look at it it if you don't want them to. If it’s for you only what are you afraid of?

4.     Working on cradled plywood can be a game changer!

5.     The key to get over imposter syndrome and insecurities is to force yourself to go to the studio and play. Sketch or paint and not worry about the results.


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