Aug. 25, 2020

Laurie Pearsall - Storytelling

Laurie Pearsall - Storytelling

Laurie Pearsall is a voracious learner and passionate educator whose work promotes dialogue about identity within the framework of mental health. She uses stories of moving house or country to explore what we leave behind and what we take with us on the journey of finding home.


1. Everything around you is touched by an artist. Artists are the ones who tell our story.

2. Self expressions is the key to storytelling. It’s about hearing everyone's individual stories and finding out what we have in common through those unique stories.

3. My community is a constellation, not a congregation.

4. Strive for fewer better things.

5. Talent is a real slippery term and it’s just not enough because art making takes a ton of perseverance and loads of patience.

6. It’s really about resilience, creative problem solving, being able to argue a point, to look at something from a different point of view, to take negative criticism, and to give challenging criticism.

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