June 7, 2022

Lea Ann Slotkin - Nature & Color

Lea Ann Slotkin - Nature & Color

Lea Ann creates bold and colorful mixed media paintings and collages. Lea Ann focuses on the background layers, which gives her work a lot of energy and visual excitement and leaves little hints of magic peeking through to leave space for wonder and reflection about one's own story. As a creative coach, she helps artists uncover limiting beliefs and discover a path to a successful creative life and business. During our conversation we talk about nature, boundaries around our time, and how putting some structure in your week can be pretty freeing.

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1. You can’t say yes to everything or everyone.

2. The more structure you add into your week the more flexibility you have.

3. We make HARD a problem, but it’s just part of life. Without the hard you don’t have the good stuff.

4. It’s just a layer.

5. What’s the next right step?


Lea Ann Slotkin

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