March 15, 2022

Marissa Huber - Searching for Meaning

Marissa Huber - Searching for Meaning

Marissa Huber is an artist, connector, and creative instigator for the Carve Out Time for Art community and co-author of “The Motherhood of Art.” She works primarily in water-based mediums like gouache and acrylic, cut paper, and digital mediums and is interested in exploring memory, space, and color in her paintings and surface pattern designs.

She creates playful & colorful patterns that aim to bring people a moment of delight, and a bit of sunshine. Marissa is passionate about keeping it real – if you need any evidence of this just check out her reels on Instagram - and encouraging others who are not full-time artists to make the most of their time and circumstances.

Her greatest joy (besides her kids) is connecting with kindred spirits over an experience, a funny story, or shared dreams which makes her feel positively lit up. She believes in taking her dreams quite seriously but tries not to take herself too seriously.

During our conversation Marissa talks about commute chats, not overthinking, and searching for meaning in the big and the small things.


  1. You can do everything, just not at the same time.
  2. Don’t overthink everything, this isn’t dating in your 20’s.
  3. What you choose to do or what your life looks like is up to you but there's no one right way to have a creative life.
  4. When your life is a spaghetti mess just think of that one thing that you can do to nudge yourself along the path. And snacks help.
  5. Artists are resilient problem solvers and comfortable in the vague place between the uncomfortableness of not knowing what's next but having the trust that we can figure it out because we've done it so many times.


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