April 27, 2021

Melanie Chadwick - Faith & Spirituality

Melanie Chadwick - Faith & Spirituality

Melanie Chadwick describes her creative practice as playful, evolving and lively. Melanie talks about having an anchor in your life that grounds you, her love of maps and place, and how her art workshops help businesses and organizations gain confidence and generate ideas. In addition to her illustration and fine art work, Melanie has a podcast called Creative Catchup with Natasha Newton, she publishes VLOG’s on her YouTube channel, and offers classes and workshops. She always makes time to get outside for windy walks on the Lizard Peninsula to sketch the cottages and wild places.


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  1. Letting go of how something should look diminishes my perfectionist tendencies
  2. Having an anchor allows you to feel free to go and explore and engage your curiosities.   
  3. The wrong way is not doing it at all.
  4. My whole senses are awakened when I’m out in the wild. It makes me feel alive when I experience what’s going on around me and being in the moment.
  5. It’s not always the end result it’s the process of making and creating.
  6. My faith doesn’t restrict me, it helps take away that fear that I might have of exploring the unknown.
  7. Success is finding contentment in the life that I lead and finding joy in the mundane things.



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