Jan. 26, 2021

Molly Meng - Scraps of Humanity

Molly Meng - Scraps of Humanity

Molly Meng is a force for good - she’s an artist, teacher, collector, and storyteller. Molly is heavily influenced by a scrap of paper, a single word, ​opera, rap, theremins, the thick cotton of an old book page, random sentences, and an overheard statement. Molly exudes optimism and curiosity, and believes we are ALL related and connected to each other. Check out her Tuesdays at Ten IG Live videos for an inside look at her collections and her studio.

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1. Just ask.

2. On social media: Follow less, engage more.

3. Same but different.

4. Be here now. Let go.

5. When you want to see beauty somewhere, if you don’t already see it, you have to create it. Make it come about.


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