Oct. 13, 2020

Natalie Ergas - Collecting

Natalie Ergas - Collecting

Natalie Ergas is the creator, sole ceowoman, artist, and educator of Native Essence Art. She creates portrait collages that represent fragmented memories, experiences and places that capture the essence of a persons or pet. During our conversation we talk about collecting, curating, thrifting, languages and the tangible pleasures in life – including french fries!


1. “I have a lot of tabs open in my browser.”

2. Creativity does not need to be artistic - the mere act of being alive is creative.

3. Engaging in process art with no intent, no direction and no meaning is a great way to PLAY!

4. Take a lesson from the kindergarten crowd and when you make art just react from your gut, from your soul, and from your intuition.


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