Oct. 5, 2021

Nirmal Raja - Mutability

Nirmal Raja - Mutability

Nirmal Raja is an interdisciplinary artist and curator living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She lived in India, South Korea and Hong Kong before immigrating to the United States thirty years ago. She collaborates with other artists and strongly believes in investing energy into her immediate community while also considering the global. Nirmal curates exhibitions that bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together. "Reimagining the Global Village" opens October 11, 2021 at MIAD in Milwaukee, and showcases transnational art collaborations among artists and between artists and communities. This exhibition is an ambitious but necessarily incomplete survey of various strategies artists have employed while working toward a more connected and caring world. Nirmal is represented by the Portrait Society Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Headshot image by Kevin Miyazaki.)


1. Installation – within an exhibit space - is an art form in itself.

2. Entering a wooded area feels like a hug.

3. Reach out to someone who is different from you in language or color or heritage and connect over art or making or simply just being together.

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