June 30, 2020

Paula DeStefanis - Creating

Paula DeStefanis - Creating

Paula is a Milwaukee based artist, educator, co-founder of a non-profit arts organization, and director of The Arts Mill gallery and arts boutique. Paula shares the joy of unpredictability and potential sense of discovery and how working in different mediums lets her respond to what’s happening in her emotional and mental life. Listen and be inspired by this curious and brave and engaged artist.


  1. Authenticity is painting what you truly want to paint. Vulnerability is sharing it with other people.
  2. It’s all about the process. Freeing yourself of the obligations of the end result lets you create something unique, that is satisfying to the viewer, and enjoyable to make.
  3. Advocate for anyone who has an interest in the arts, even if they’re not “gifted.”
  4. Experiences and relationships have so much more value than any items.

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