May 10, 2022

Samantha Downing - Storytelling

Samantha Downing - Storytelling

Samantha writes domestic psychological thrillers filled with snark and dark humor and shows us that murder doesn’t have to be bleak. During our chat Sam talks about unreliable narrators, success and her boundaries around social media. She is the author of My Lovely Wife, He Started it, and For Your Own Good, and has been nominated for Edgar, ITW, and Macavity awards in the US, the CWA award in the UK, and the Prix des Lectrices in France. Robert Downey, Jr. and Greg Berlanti have partnered to produce For Your Own Good as a limited series for HBO Max.


1. There is no overnight success. Everyone pays their dues, one way or another.

2. Every human being is unreliable in the way they tell stories.

3. Take pleasure in the striving aspect of the process. The fact that you worked really hard and accomplished the goal is the thing.   “It’s not the having, it’s the getting.” Elizabeth Taylor


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