July 21, 2020

Shannon Amey - Origin Stories

Shannon Amey - Origin Stories

Shannon Amey is a Canadian contemporary abstract artist currently living in Finland along the Baltic Sea. Shannon’s immersion and exploration of the places and people she interacts with deeply influence her work, translating human connection, memories, and story into vibrant gestural abstract paintings.


  1. Live life through loving kindness.
  2. Make more garbage art. We need to give people opportunities to fail, to experiment, to prototype.
  3. The Napping Wall!!! (you’ll just have to listen…)
  4. If you’re stuck: 1) work in series, 2) turn your art upside down, 3) put your art on the napping wall, 4) change what you’re up to.
  5. When we take the time to slow down and learn how to tune in to ourselves, our creative practice, and our own work, we create work that is authentically ours.
  6. There is a singular subjective perspective of how people remember and experience and create stories of others and themselves.

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Shannon’s small batch limited editions with Kunst/100 in Berlin, including the Risograph print of Baltic Sea Study





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