June 29, 2021

Sketchbooks with Mel and Sandi

Sketchbooks with Mel and Sandi

What a gift to have Melanie Chadwick and Sandi Hester together in one episode to share their sketchbook practices! They talk about the importance of sketching to sharpen your observational tools, practice drawing skills, and play with new mediums. Mel and Sandi agree that benefits of sketching include learning to let go of expectations, engaging all our senses and generating new ideas. And you’ll end up with a visual diary and memories that become richer as you’re sketching your surroundings.


1. “If you are producing good work, you likely have a lot of bad work holding it up.”  Sandi

2. “Just drawing what I saw in front of me grounded me and I just felt like I could breathe again.”  Mel

3. “When you draw it, it becomes interesting, especially kitchen utensils.” Mel

4. “Get absorbed in the ordinary.” Sandi


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