Dec. 1, 2020

Stephanie Huellmann - Details and Transitions

Stephanie Huellmann - Details and Transitions

Stephanie Huellmann, a self-taught artist from Germany, takes natural materials and found objects and sews them on by hand for her assemblage and mixed media works. Stephanie shares how she gets unstuck, her deep connection to the environment, and how she engages so deeply and finds that flow state when, for example, she takes over 1000 snail shells and sews them onto a canvas. Amazing!!!

1. It’s through the details that we notice changes and transitions.

2. A change in your environment can cause a change in you and your art.

3. We can only love those things that we know and we only want to protect the things we love. We must understand nature so we can protect it.

4. It's possible to have this art life if your heart is set on it and if you really feel that this is what you want to do. Please don't think about university degrees, just do it. And if you can, do it every day.

5. Share your work! If there is even one person who looks at things through different eyes, because of your work, there might be others.


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