Feb. 16, 2021

Sue Asbury - Music & Long Distance Walks

Sue Asbury - Music & Long Distance Walks

Sue Asbury grew up in Liverpool and now lives at the edge of the Peak District. Abstract works are built up over many layers and often incorporate collaged elements, while figurative works include local landscapes, with an interest in the everyday and the passing of time. Music and journeys play a large role in her creative practice. During our conversation, we talk quite a bit about trips – long distance walks, driving across the UK, and how fun it is to plot the journey. She is also half of Asbury & Asbury, a collaborative endeavor with her husband Nick, freelance writer and experimental poet, working together on projects including the A6 Notebook.


Having a small easy project that you never struggle to do, is a way in to the work and lets you stop procrastinating.

The best pieces come out of those bold gestures.

Music alongside painting amplifies both.

Choose to keep the canvas that’s not working and have a dogged determination not to let the canvas win.


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