Oct. 20, 2020

Vicky Lentz - Pattern & Repetition

Vicky Lentz - Pattern & Repetition

Vicky Lentz is a contemporary mixed-media visual artist from the northwest region of New Brunswick, whose home and studio are located in a secluded maple forest. Her daily life unfolds in a direct interaction with the living environment. Vicky shares her thoughts on different types of walks, the power of silence, and mentoring.


1. In our busyness and urban-ness we’ve been taken away from the beauty and mystery and magic that exists around us.

2. You have to be able to live in that uncomfortable zone in order to get to new and magical things.

3. The job of the mentor is not to change your opinion or your work, or not to tell you what's not going right, but to bring your nose off of the mirror and allow you to see it in a different or wider angle and have a more global perception of what you’re doing.

4. When the silence is so full, like in the forest, it’s not a silence of emptiness, but it allows you to become deeply in tune to your own thoughts and your way of looking at the world.


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