July 13, 2021

Nicole Shaver - Geology

Nicole Shaver - Geology

Nicole Shaver creates artwork inspired by ideas of place and belonging. She researches different geographical sites and employs them as metaphorical compasses to create landscapes combining reality, fantasy and memory. During our conversation Nicole reveals her “dump-and-dash” process, her experience documenting Aldo Leopold journals, and her obsessions with geology, objects, and landscapes.


1. Pay attention to the “oooh factor,” that genuine interaction with a place or object.

2. If the work starts to get stale or is stuck, put it in the blender to get out of the dip.

3. It's got to come from a genuine place otherwise it is kind of false.

4. Artists are strategic hoarders.

5. “The future belongs to those who are still willing to get their hands dirty.” – unknown

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