Feb. 8, 2022

Poppy Dodge - Color

Poppy Dodge - Color

Poppy Dodge is an abstract painter and a Color Maximalist who delights in creating harmony and balance using all the colors. Her work explores her obsession with stacking color and shapes and is influenced by modern improvisational quilting and abstract collage. Poppy says: "I approach painting intuitively and am entirely process driven. I like to think of my work as color celebrations; a stacking of playful color conversations joyfully stitching my life experiences together.

During our conversation we talk about newsletters, tea, the “Ladies of Yet,” and why it can be discouraging to make content solely to be seen instead of for yourself.


  1. It’s got to get ugly before it gets good.
  2. Persistence and obsession keep you going forward.
  3. Remind yourself that you’re on Instagram for opportunities and take your ego out of it.
  4. Add the “YET.” Don’t say I haven’t done that, say I haven’t done that YET.
  5. A big studio is great – but if you’re scrappy you can carve out a space anywhere.


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